Fortnite v13.40 is only a few hours old, and players are already finding some massive new glitches. We’ve been waiting for cars to enter the game for weeks. They’re here, now, but probably won’t be active for very long.

Glitch King, OrangeGuy, has already published a video tutorial on how to duplicate gas cans and make cars fly. Both glitches are relatively simple to complete, so you can expect to see some flying trucks until Epic patch this glitch.
  • A video about how to do Glitch: 🔻

These two exploits are the most popular, but they aren’t the only glitches in v13.40. Data miner, FireMonkey, also tweeted a few more glitches in the new update, along with a clip of a car going crazy in a body of water.

Unfortunately, it seems like cars aren’t long for this world. We expect to see them disabled as soon as today. The glitch is too easy and too troublesome to leave in the game – at least, we think.
Here are some of the bugs that have arrived in v13.40:
  • Duping Gas Cans.
  • Flying Vehicles.
  • Aquaman hair textures missing.
  • Car overlay showing when walking around normally.
  • Character position spazzing when holding gas cans.
  • A video about how to do Glitch: 🔻
This appears to be why it took Epic so long to add cars into the game. If this is what the fixed version of cars look like, we can only imagine how broken they may have been before Epic delayed them.
They’re a fantastic addition to the game, but have some substantial issues that still aren’t ironed out. These were, likely, some of the same glitches that kept cars sidelined for the first half of the season. Hopefully, Epic can fix them without removing cars for another week or two.

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